Joel Brown Continues Excellent Summer in 2009 European Tour confirmed for Zagreb, Van Damme and Rieti Meetings before World Athletics Finale

August 26 2009 – Berlin Germany

World Express Athletic Management celebrated the crowning of a new World Champion in the women’s long jump event in the person of one of its athletes – Brittney Reese. With a new personal best and world leading jump of 7.10 meters Reese became the 3rd US athlete to win a world long jump title and further established herself as one of the most talented women’s long jumpers in US history.

Reese took one jump in her qualification group surpassing the automatic qualifying mark of 6.75 with a 6.78m jump. She took her cue from teammate Dwight Phillips who did the same in his qualifying for the finals. In the finals, Reese opened the competition with a mark that no one else would surpass except for Tatyana Lebedeva, the 33-year-old former Olympic and three-time World champion of Russia. But the 6.97m jump by Lebedeva seemed to wake a sleeping giant in Reese. Seeing her lead disappear, Reese responded with the world leading jump and new PR of 7.10m. That response to Lebedeva was reminisant of the battles between US long jump legend Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Germany’s Heike Dreschler. After that, no one could respond and Reese had her first international major title.

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See official results below:Women’s Long Jump – Final

23 August 2009 – 16:15

Position Bib Athlete Country Mark Wind
1 1020 Brittney Reese       USA 7.10 (1.0) (WL, PB)
2 808 Tatyana Lebedeva  RUS 6.97 (1.0) (SB)
3 925 Karin Mey Melis      TUR 6.80 (0.4)
4 737 Naide Gomes            POR 6.77 (0.5)
5 807 Olga Kucherenko     RUS 6.77 (1.1)
6 101 Shara Proctor           AIA 6.71 (1.2) (NR)
7 178 Maurren Maggi        BRA 6.68 (0.7)
8 315 Ksenija Balta            EST 6.62 (0.3)
9 991 Brianna Glenn         USA 6.59 (-0.1)
10 708 Teresa Dobija        POL 6.58 (0.7)
11 152 Nastassia Mironc   BLR 6.29 (0.0)
174 Keila Costa                   BRA NM (0.3)

Reese’s results this season all pointed toward a world title in Berlin. Indoors she won the US title with a 6.71m performance for a new indoor personal best. Outdoors, Reese took on all challenges and didn’t shy away from her competition. At the Qatar Doha Super GP, Reese jumped a new PR and world lead 6.99m to defeat her main rivals Nadia Gomes (Portugal), 2008 Olympic lon jump champion Maureen Maggi (Brazil), US teammate Fumni Jimoh and Russia’s Elena Sokolova.

Reese then took her challenge to be the world’s best a step further by traveling to Brazil to take on the defending Olympic Champion Maggi in her own country not for one meeting but two meetings (Rio de Janiero and Belem GP). In order to be the best you have to beat the best and compete against the best; that is the attitude adopted by Reese. With previous finishes of 8th at the 2007 World Championships and 5th at the Beijing Olympics, Reese was determined to win a medal to prove her world-class status.

In Belem, Reese again pushed the world’s best jump to another PR of 7.06m defeating Maggi in front of a supportive crowd of over 25,000 Brazilian natives. That might have been enough but unlike the 100m sprinters, Reese doesn’t believe in ducking her competition.

At the US Championships, Reese jumped 7.09m but with a slightly illegal wind. Returning to her college coach at the University of Mississippi, Reese began preparations for the World Championships. All season long her preparations included 100m races and an increase in speed for her approach to the board. Reese then traveled to Europe to give take on their best jumpers which included Russia’s Lebedeva and Kucherenko, Estonia’s Balta and Turkey’s Karin Mey. In Stockholm, the cold weather made it difficult for Reese to find the board but on her 6th and final jump 6.87m was good for 3rd place.

The 2009 season still has one meet remaining for Reese. She wants to travel to the World Athletic Finale and cement her world title with the world #1 ranking. All season long Reese’s schedule included the WAF in Thessalonki Greece. It is in Greece that Reese will achieve her goal of being recognized at the world’s best long jumper.

Also planning to be in Thessalonki is US hurdle talent Joel Brown. Brown has enjoyed a great summer in 2009 with victories in Athens GP and Joensuu Finland but excellent runs in Brazil, Lucerne, Madrid, Monaco and Stockholm………the last 2 meets losing only to Cuban WR holder Dayron Robles. Unfortnately Robles has ended his season with an injury so Brown will be looking to score several wins before the IAAF Athletic Finals.

Brown will travel to Europe and compete in the following meets: Aug 31st – Zagreb Croatia, Sept 4th – Van Damme Memorial in Brussels Belgium and Sept 6th – Reiti Italy. After the WAF, Joel will then travel to Asia for several meets which will include: Shanghai China on Sept 20th, Daegu Korea – Sept 23rd and Japan Super Meet on Sept 25th.

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